S&T is one of the few manufacturers that not only provides full metal fabrication but also a dedicated machine shop - a significant part of completing many projects. This increases both efficiency and quality as the machine shop works as part of the on-site turnkey team. 


S&T has dedicated tremendous resources into top-of-the-line equipment to easily meet specifications with very strict tolerances (up to .0005"). The machine shop capacity includes:

  • Two Mazak CNC Mills - 3 axis with 4th axis capability.

    • VCN 510c/50 Taper     20" (Y) x 40" (X)
    • VCN 700e/50 Taper     27" (Y) x 78" (X)
  • Four Mazak CNC Lathes - 2 axis

    • 15" Chuck (4" thru)     55" between centers
    • 10: Chuck (3" thru)     26" between centers
  • Four manual mills - Bridgeport type
  • Two manual engine lathes

    • 12" Chucks (2" thru)     80" between centers
    • 15" Chuck (2" thru)     60" between centers


The S&T machine shop maintains a dynamic setup, ensuring it has the flexibility and capacity to complete both small, simple jobs as will as large, complex projects.